Both in Normandy and at a national and international scale, Jackye Soloy-Guiet represents an out-of-the-ordinary perception of contemporary creation through the evolution of her work and the lasting nature of a certain quality that constitutes the framework of her works.

Her discretion is widely acknowledged, yet the impact of her discoveries and interpretations, all her achievements since 1971, are equally recognised, especially since Jackye Soloy-Guiet has shown a particular skill at subjecting the most unusual materials to her will in order to inform her period of interrogations and inevitable reflections.

A loyal member of the ‘Union des Arts Plastiques’ in St-Etienne-de-Rouvray, this artist started by focusing on engraving, collage and tapestry before discovering she had a talent for what we conveniently refer to as sculpture. I can remember when a few years ago she presented me with works made with white paper, folded and pleated, reminiscent of fragile and amazing chrysalises made of purity and mystery. This was before numerous blue totem poles came to predominate as dazzling signals of hope and harmony. To these, Jackye Soloy-Guiet has recently added the flourish of new colours with the quiet audacity of an artist determined to break the taboos of the society and replace them with dreams and the magic of mysteries that have finally been mastered.

André RUELLAN, art critic